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I live in Saskatoon, I am a girl, and I am passionate about technology

Saskatoon Girl Geek Dinners are an up and coming version of the original Girl Geek Dinners started by Sarah Blow in London, England.

In Saskatoon, we are hoping to create a community for women interested in science and engineering.

If you are in Saskatoon and are intersted in being a part of the first Saskatoon Girl Geek Dinner please let me know by filling out the comment form. We’re looking for ladies in all walks of technology careers like programming, systems administration, as well as engineering. We’re also looking for women who are part of the primary, seconday, and post-secondary education systems and are interested in technology. We’re going to need people to help organize and recruit members as well as people who are interested in speaking.

If you are a guy, you can also attend our first dinner if you are invited by a lady.

About me: My name is Melanie and I am currently employed as a Program Manager, (which is essentially like a software project manager) by Point2 Technologies Inc. I graduated from SIAST Kelsey Campus in 2001 from the Computer Systems Technology course. Since then I have been a User Interface Developer, Programmer/Analyst, and done quite a bit of Business Analysis.

I am passionate about my work and the team of people I work with. I like geeky things like Microsoft Log parser. I have worked on a number of public facing websites like Point2 Homes and

I hope we can come together, it would be great to

  • Share our experiences
  • Act as role models for young women interested in technology
  • Teach one another
  • Learn from one another
  • and of course, have fun.

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